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Bloomfield Youth Assistance Recognizes Outstanding Citizens

Bloomfield Youth Assistance Recognizes Outstanding Citizens

Bloomfield Youth Assistance held its annual recognition ceremony on May 7. Students and community members across Bloomfield were nominated by school counselors, teachers, administrators, and community leaders for this award. “This evening is a highlight for BYA. We recognize the importance of honoring our student community for their service, diligence, and leadership. It’s a pleasure to award these outstanding individuals in front of their family and friends,” remarked Natalie Finerty, BYA Chairperson.

Candidates were nominated in one of the following five categories: (1) initiation of a new program or project to help others, (2) personal acts of leadership and/or heroism, (3) self-improvement through personal and/or academic achievement, (4) remarkable perseverance through hardship or tragedy, or (5) volunteer service to an individual, organization, or to the community. 

Student winners from Bloomfield Hills Schools were as follows: 

High School Recipients: Maria Aladlouni (BHHS, grade 12), Jana Alkadri (BHHS, grade 12), Sydney Butler (BHHS, grade 12), Eliana D’Mello (BHHS, grade 10), Anthony Doria (BHHS, grade 12), Sajan Doshi (International Academy, grade 10), Lola Hafron (BHHS, grade 11), Aileen Hsi (BHHS, grade 12), Madison Kessler (BHHS, grade 12), Quincy Lau (BHHS, grade 11), Veronica Martel (BHHS, grade 12), Rebecca Milch (BHHS, grade 11), Arun Nagappan (BHHS, grade 12), William Nichols (Bowers Academy, grade 12), Ariana Rashid (International Academy, grade 11), Stefano Risi (BHHS, grade 11), Benjamin Saperstein (BHHS, grade 12), Ruby Smith (BHHS, grade 12), Amylu Stambaugh (Bowers Academy, grade 11).

Middle School Recipients: Eva Kontos (NHMS, grade 7), Oscar Stuart (NHMS, grade 7), and Olivia Thomas (NHMS, grade 7).

Community Member Recipients: Patricia Bugajewski and Dr. Sunil Rao.

BYA is fortunate to get support from the Bloomfield Township Police Benevolent Fund and the Bloomfield Township Firefighters Charities. Each organization awards a $1,000 scholarship to one student who they feel goes above and beyond in the area of service.  This year’s recipients were Ruby Smith and Jana Alkadri.

If you are interested in learning more about BYA, scholarship and enrichment opportunities, and volunteer opportunities, visit the BYA website and/or email